Kali Clark (Position 5)

1.Why are you running for City Council? What are your top priorities for Sammamish?

I am running for City Council as I see a need for representation of our community. I have spent my entire career in public service from WA State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and now at Sound Transit. I believe my background in forestry, wildfire, emergency management and sustainable transportation will broaden the Council’s expertise and knowledge.

My priorities include emergency preparedness for our community, forest health and sustainable development and transportation.

2. Please describe your position on the Urban Forest Management Plan. Do you support funding a full-time Urban Forester position? Do you support Sammamish becoming a Green City via Forterra like Redmond, Issaquah and 13 other cities in the metro area?

I support the Urban Forest Management Plan and also support a full time Urban Forester position. Forest health is one of my main goals for our City and the plan and staff are major steps in education and strengthening forest resiliency. In addition to becoming a Green City, I’d also like to be recognized as a Tree City USA and would like to start making our city Firewise USA recognized. This expands on our collaboration with forestry and fire experts, and will broaden outreach and education on our forest management plan.

3. What is your position on completing the Emerald Necklace? Would you support the City stepping up to help acquire properties or easements to make the Emerald Necklace a reality?

I am so pleased this has been brought to my attention. This connectivity would be an ultimate success story of collaboration and coordination. I support the City in moving forward and look forward to being a part of this effort. I plan to build on current efforts and relationships to make this a reality. 

4. What efforts would you pursue to improve sustainability in Sammamish? Examples: how would you promote more sustainable landscaping both on city property and individual homes; would you support incentive programs for green infrastructure?

In addition to City property and individual homes, I would like to engage and educate on what existing buildings and infrastructure could do in retrofitting for sustainability. This could include HVAC installation and updates, monitoring water consumption, and green roof systems. 

I also want to improve connectivity through transit. We will soon be shouldered with light rail stations without an efficient way to get there and back.

Lastly I support economic growth and some form of affordable housing that would greatly reduce traffic needing to move in and out of the City. Resources could be accessed and kept local and people could afford to live and work in our community.

5. How would you make Sammamish a more livable city – one with gathering places, dining options, a hardware store, more affordable housing, and housing for all ages?

I want to drive local economic growth by supporting small businesses and bringing more of these resources and options in. Again creating a space where our community wouldn’t need to travel to gather, dine and shop. I believe to make Sammamish a vibrant and resilient community, we need to find solutions in high density affordable housing and supporting infrastructure. Lynnwood and Bothell are some great examples of walkable urban communities that include shops and businesses to meet the needs of residents and visitors alike.

6. Do you support the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Regional Planning Organization Vision 2050? If so, do you feel that Sammamish should plan for a fair share of the population growth projected within Vision 2050?

I do support Vision 2050. I believe Sammamish does need to plan for projected population, jobs and housing. Through sustainable development we have an opportunity to affect reduction in our carbon footprint, restore health to our waters, build transit infrastructure, and provide housing options and resources to current underserved communities. 

7. How would you improve the effectiveness of the Council both among members and with the City’s commissions and staff?

I want to improve and strengthen relationships. I believe we all have the best interest in mind for the City and community. This is our common ground. With this in mind, I want transparent communication throughout the City and Council. I expect to lean on the expertise of the city staff and commissions to help inform our decisions.