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Responses from City Council Candidates (updated for the general election!)

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Candidate Scorecards


(Click on a candidate’s name to see their full response)

Mark Baughman Jason Ritchie

fd pos1

Karen Howe Karen Moran

fd ge pos3

Rituja Indapure Chris Ross

fd ge pos5

John Robinson Pam Stuart

fd ge pos7

Responses are scored on how well they compare to our mission of Protecting Our Environment and Enriching Our Community.

Sammamish Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports other Sammamish volunteer groups and projects focused on protecting and enhancing our environment and enriching our local community.

The goal of this questionnaire is to help the community become better acquainted with all the candidates for Sammamish City Council.  We believe that increasing voter engagement and facilitating interaction between candidates and Sammamish residents has a direct benefit to enriching the vibrant community of our city.

This questionnaire was created with contributions from members of Sammamish Friends and our partner organizations.  We feel the questions we chose directly relate to our respective missions.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Sammamish Friends cannot endorse any candidates for any position.

Our funding sources include the Kids Zone at the 4th on the Plateau, the Kids Mud Run, and private donations.

Position 1 Mark Baughman Jason Ritchie
Position 3 Karen Howe Karen Moran
Position 5 Rituja Indapure Chris Ross
Position 7 John Robinson Pam Stuart


Register and Volunteer for the 2018 Kids Mud Run

To register your child: 2018 Kids Mud Run Registration.

For more information: 2018 Kids Mud Run More Information.

To volunteer: 2018 Kids Mud Run Volunteer.

 Do you like to build things? Organize things? Make new friends?  Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Planning: If you want to help plan the run and plan the obstacle course, attend one of our open meetings email us at  All ideas and people are welcome!
  • Build Obstacles: This is where you get to use tools to build things. We have several build dates starting in June.
  • Set up Obstacles: The day before the run, we need to put all of the obstacles in their proper locations.
  • Staff Obstacles and Stations: The day of the run, we need at least one person per obstacle to oversee all of the fun the kids are having.  We also need people to help with the Check-In station.
  • Clean up Obstacles:  Once the fun is over, we need help dismantling obstacles and putting them away for storage.