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Sustainable Sammamish Launched

This new group plans to work on initiatives such as looking into a plastic bag ban in Sammamish as well as encouraging local businesses to compost and recycle.

Key members of the group include Mary Doerrer, former Sammamish Parks Commissioner, Denise Darnell, and Hank Klein, the current Sammamish Parks Commission chair.

For more information about this group and how you can get involved, take a look at our Sustainable Sammamish page.

Also be sure to visit their Facebook page.

Fun at 2016 Kids Mud Run

Smiles and thumbs up abounded as kids bounded around the course, and grown ups watched with big smiles at all the pure glee that was going on. The first ever Sammamish Kids Mud Run was a big success, thanks to the dedication of Sammamish residents who came out in solid numbers to make this neat summer event possible.

Check out photos, courtesy of volunteer photographers Bob Scola, Sean Smith, Stephen Frazzini, and Dana Berenson, from the event on our 2016 Kids Mud Run Wrap Up page.

To get involved for next year, visit our 2018 Mud Run Volunteer page.

If you or someone you know is interested in running the course in 2017, sign up at our 2018 Kids Mud Run page.

Pauline Cantor tests the Tunnel


Cliff Cantor demonstrates going “under” an “over” noodle



“Tireless” volunteers test out a freshly painted obstacle