A primary goal of Sammamish Friends is to help various groups and organizations in Sammamish meet their missions, especially when those missions coincide with our goal of Enriching our Community and Protecting our Environment.

Grants awarded by Sammamish Friends will usually range between $100 and $500, although this amount may be exceeded for exceptional proposals and projects with special merit.

Examples of successful grants through Sammamish Friends include funding for:

  • Business cards for the Community Wildlife Habitat group
  • Brochures describing Stormwater Stewards’ pilot project and future goals
  • Sponsoring expert-led kids walks with Sammamish Walks

Apply for a grant using this form!

This document is an example of a successful grant application for the Sammamish Stormwater Stewards’ informational brochures.


For any questions about Sammamish Friends’ grant process,  contact Sid Gupta