Our Banner is Up

On Tuesday our banner was hung by the city staff. We got a good discount from a “Sammamish Friend” (banner company). 20 feet by 5 feet takes up a lot of room!

Now hopefully everyone sees it and either signs up or tells friends that have kids five to ten years old about the run!


Citizens Getting Things Done – Land Preservation

When citizens get together, much can be accomplished. Today, we focus on a wonderful story, originally posted in the Sammamish Review that shows just what a passionate group can accomplish for the habitat in our city. Oh, and by the way- Rena Brady is a founding member of Sammamish Friends!

Throwing their hat into the ring

Citizens’ group trying to purchase land for preserve – with helping hand from city


Members of a citizens’ group attempting to secure 58 acres west of Beaver Lake include, clockwise from top left, Rena Brady, Joe McConnell, Al Sauerbrey, Fred Weinmann, Ann Weinmann and Bente Pasko (with her dog Kody). The group envisions the wetland-rich area as a wildlife corridor.

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