Native Plant Salvages

Plant salvages are one of the main sources of plants for restoration projects in Sammamish.  Either working through the city or directly with developers, Native Plant Stewards receive permission to rescue native plants from a development site before the bulldozers come in.

These volunteer events are a great way to hone your plant ID skills, meet like-minded members of the community, contribute to the many restoration projects in Sammamish, and to add to your own garden – typically, the last hour of every salvage allows for volunteers to collect plants for their own use.


In 2016 alone, Stewards salvaged over 300 plants that are now in restoration sites around Sammamish.

So far in 2017, we have salvaged over 250 plants, which have either been planted in the Stormwater Stewards‘ pilot project at Lancaster Ridge or potted for planting in the fall.

Hosting a plant salvage is a great way to help lessen the impact that development has on our city.

Big, big thanks to the developers that have allowed us to salvage on their sites!


For more information about upcoming salvage opportunities, contact the city of Sammamish’s volunteer coordinator, Elby Jones: