Be heard on Sammamish Virtual Town Hall

Hi Friends,

Time to do our part and speak! Every response builds to a majority opinion. The strongest voices can’t move the needle as much as the combined voices of the many! If we don’t come out in numbers, certain influences may do us disservice. Attending the meetings of the ad-hoc committee on communications, it is clear that no one at the city wants to work on major initiatives without a mandate of the people. They don’t have many cost effective ways to get a slice of our time for input. This town hall tool is one of them.

Sammamish Virtual Town Hall

The City of Sammamish has been going all out for feedback: A new website, committee on communications, town hall software, crafting questions for feedback that will best guide city staff. They worked hard setting things up to listen. Now, please, add your voice on the topics of what works and what doesn’t in your city, and what you want to see in the future.

They’ve done their part, now let’s do ours. Click the link above and give some thoughtful feedback.

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