Beaver Lake Park

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Beaver Lake Park has had a long and varied history. In 1900, the property was purchased by Weyerhauser from the Burlington Northern Railway. After completing logging operations, Weyerhauser sold the property to private resort operators. It changed hands over the years but remained a resort until the 1960’s when it was sold to the Catholic Church. Camp Cabrini, operated by the Archdiocese of Seattle, remained in operation until 1985, when King County developed the land into a regional park. The city of Sammamish took ownership in 2003.

The trail system covers about two miles. Park in the lot near the lodge and walk toward the lake. Facing the lake, you will find the trailhead on your right. The trail skirts the lake, sometimes visible through the trees, before emerging from the woods and cutting between the dog park and the ball fields. Heading uphill, the trail continues toward SE 24th before it makes a sharp right turn and plunges back into the woods. You will come out by the Parks Maintenance building beyond which you will find the parking lot.

There are also short trails that criss-cross the park and skirt SE 24th. In the springtime, watch for dense clusters of trillium and listen for the owls, which sometimes nest in the park’s center.

To get there: From Sammamish City Hall, head south on 228th. At SE 24th, turn left (east) and continue 1.5 miles. The lake side entrance to the park will be on your right. There is a large parking lot which can fill up during events. NOTE: To reach the Beaver Lake Park ball fields, follow SE 24th for just one mile, turning right at 244th SE. The ball field entrance will be on your left.