Beaver Lake Preserve

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Spanning both sides of West Beaver Lake Drive, Beaver Lake Preserve is 67 acres of undeveloped land that includes 1600 feet of Beaver Lake shoreline.  With 1.2 miles of trails, the land features a wide variety of mature habitat including several very large western red cedar and Douglas firs.  You may spot wood ducks, the olive-sided flycatcher, willow flycatcher or the northern red-legged frog.  Bald eagles and barred owls can occasionally be spotted as well.

To get there:  From Sammamish City Hall, head south on 228th. At SE 24th, turn left (east). Continue on SE 24th until you reach West Beaver Lake Drive (this is a forced turn).  Follow West Beaver Lake Drive north for approximately one mile.  Beaver Lake Preserve has a small parking lot on the west side of road.