Sammamish Citizens Saving Trees

Question for everyone- How can you make a difference in your community in an area you are passionate about?

Often times it begins by being present with a desire to help. Just show up. Wonderful things will happen within your community. Be a person willing to do a little driving, or find such a person (ask Sammamish Friends- we can help!) and be willing to do what your schedule allows. Things will start clicking!

Sammamish has a rich history of citizens coming together to push for the best for our community. Not all efforts succeed. But the efforts must continue! As the city turns over it’s residents, we need to remember past efforts, and those who got active, and connect to those past actors still here to current efforts- so the lessons learned carry forward and so we we can get the best return for our valuable time in pressing for the city of our dreams.

Neighbors lobby to save trees at Ebright Park

By Irv Shear
Review editor
Sammamish Review, July 2nd 2003

Neighbors around the 12-acre Ebright Creek Park on 212th Avenue Southeast at lobbying the city Parks & Recreation Commission and the City Council to open the new Sammamish Commons to multi-use athletic field to keep Ebright Park free of ball fields and save all the trees at the Ebright facility.

The lobbying campaign counters a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) checklist that opens the door to a ball field at Ebright Park.

The 16-page list, prepared by the city park staff for the city Community Development Department (CDD), said the city could mitigate the impact of a multi-use athletic field at the park. The CDD expects to decide on the mitigation later this month after receiving public comments.


Click here for a larger version of the article.

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